Nicolas Stackhouse is a Canadian composer & sound designer from Ottawa, Ontario. His musical sound  is cinematic; a style of music often instrumental, emotional, dynamic that creates worlds and stories in the listener’s mind. However, he is versatile in all genres of music and can adapt to various media. 

He started composing music at the age of 14 when he purchased his first digital audio workstation (DAW),  FL Studio by Image-Line.

After graduating high school, Nicolas continued to educate himself on the music industry by enrolling into the Music Industry Arts program at Algonquin College. He then graduated with honours and won an award for “Best Production 2015-2016” with his third independent study project (now known as “Breathe”). 

While he is knowledgeable in many aspects in music, his primary goal is to compose music for film and video games.

He is currently working with music production studios "Cavalry Music" and "Two AM Music Studios". Moreover, he is a demo composer/beta tester and sound designer for the company 8Dio.  

In addition, Nicolas composes music + sound design for films/animations, teaches music production workshops and has many other personal projects. 

He also won 1st place for 8Dio's sixth film scoring contest.

Listen here:

Cavalry Music: 

Two AM Music Studios:

Nicolas currently resides in Ottawa, Ontario.

Photography by Doug  Stackhouse

Photography by Doug Stackhouse